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Position Available:  Executive Director

Decatur Land Trust (DLT) seeks an Executive Director to grow the organization through a targeted fundraising plan and community outreach program, and to manage day-to-day operations including project management as the face of the organization. 

Incorporated in 2021, DLT is a community land trust and nonprofit organization formed to hold title to land in Decatur, Georgia to preserve its long-term affordability for affordable, workforce, and middle income housing, and other community uses. The land remains in the land trust permanently, with a 99-year renewable ground lease or deed restriction to ensure long-term affordability. DLT works to provide and preserve housing for low- and moderate- income households, to develop a pipeline of potential DLT homes, to provide ongoing stewardship and education over homes located on DLT land, and to assure the success of DLT homeowners.

Major Responsibilities (Desired Outcomes and Goals:  1-3 Year Timeline):

Operating Guidelines and Procedures:

  • Day-to-day management of DLT’s business operations.
  • Review and finalize legal mechanisms to accept donations of land and funds from public and private entities.
  • Develop a homeowner stewardship policy.
  • Ensure policies and procedures reflect compliance with hiring and housing law.
  • Adopt a formal HOA policy for new homes created.
  • Create realistic home purchase and home/property projections. 
  • Work with Board to establish committees as needed.
  • Recruit and manage staff approved by the Board.


  • Develop and manage fundraising program, including managing donations from City of Decatur; manage and supervise grant program, including working with financial consultant; cultivate and grow funding relationships, banking and business partners, and other strategic partners.
  • Identify and track Federal, State and County funding opportunities. 
  • Create and manage budget, working with the DLT treasurer, and make timely filings as appropriate.
  • Work with and report to donors and manage donations and sponsorships.
  • Prepare and file reports to the City and other funders.

New Home Supply:

  • Establish home purchase process for DLT to acquire homes and land.
  • Oversee construction of new homes on city-owned land in partnership with City of Decatur staff.
  • Oversee proposed Accessory Development Unit pilot project in partnership with City of Decatur staff.
  • Oversee Decatur Home ReHAB program.
  • Develop program to stabilize at-risk homeowners.


  • Establish outreach program for potential owners of DLT homes.
  • Create assistance programs as needed including down payment assistance.
  • Establish financial partnerships with lenders, nonprofit organizations, and businesses.
  • Outreach for new board members.

Community Benefit:

  • Partner with environmental and innovative groups regarding DLT homes.
  • Seek commercial and rental opportunities.
  • Establish branding and messaging for DLT.
  • Present DLT messaging to residents and business owners through in-person outreach and media.


  1. College degree with experience in housing development, economic development, planning, and community development. Relevant experience can be substituted for a degree.
  2. Commitment to the Land Trust model of real estate development for affordable housing and equitable choices in housing.
  3. Demonstrated ability to raise funds and develop community and business outreach programs. 
  4. Develop marketing message and materials to introduce DLT to the community and relevant organizations.
  5. Demonstrated leadership skills and professional writing, speaking and presentation ability.
  6. Nonprofit administrative experience.
  7. Experience working with a volunteer board of directors.
  8. Ability to oversee the “big picture” and direction of the DLT while managing details of outreach, fundraising, and project management.

Salary: Salary range is $80,000 to $100,000 depending on experience. 

Benefits:  This is a remote work position, although in-person meetings will be required; $75 monthly stipend for home office; DLT will provide laptop and printer; DLT is exploring health insurance options and will contribute toward medical, dental, and vision coverages. 

Application Process: Please send a cover letter, resume, and references to by May 24, 2024. 

DLT is an equal opportunity employer.

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