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Decatur Land Trust: Learn More, Get Involved


The Decatur Land Trust (DLT) was created in 2019 and incorporated in 2021 as an independent, non-profit corporation with 501(c)3 status. In 2020, the Affordable Housing Task Force recommended to build and fund the capacity of the DLT to purchase property. The first project of the DLT came online in 2022.

The DLT Mission

To acquire and create homes, land, and commercial properties for community benefit and permanent affordability, and to encourage home ownership by stewarding new homeowners and minimizing displacement.

Our Vision

A welcoming community with a diversity of housing to help residents and families of all incomes, at all stages of life, prosper.

Our Values

Community Vitality: Preserving and creating a diversity of housing options leads to a more vibrant community.

Diversity: We must act to curb current market forces to promote racial and socioeconomic diversity.

Racial Equity: Minimizing displacement and creating opportunities for home ownership can help address housing inequities in Decatur.

Partnerships: Are critical to leverage external funds from the public, philanthropic and private sectors to support affordable housing.

Stewardship: Permanent affordability represents sound and responsible stewardship of limited land and subsidies to increase the success of new homeowners and residents and provide community benefit.

Environmental sustainability: Incorporating innovation to provide   environmentally friendly building options for land trust residents.

Fiscal responsibility and accountability: Responsible stewardship of land and resources will retain the public’s investment in affordable housing.


The organizational structure of the DLT is a Board of Directors, which will form a tri-partite Board at the time the DLT acquires 15 owner-occupied homes.

Board of Directors
Linda Curry | Chairperson
Lesa Mayer | Vice Chairperson
Alan McNabb | Secretary
Bill Adams |Treasurer
Maria Alvarez
Angela Threadgill
Valarie Wilson

Business Plan

Ways to Get Involved

  • Partners: banks, lenders, donors, business partners, community organizations, etc.
  • Help us grow our funds for a permanently affordable community!
  • Sell or donate your home or land to the DLT
  • Resources (lenders, etc).
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