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Decatur Land Trust

What Is a Land Trust?

The Decatur Land Trust (DLT) is a non-profit entity established in 2021 to address the city’s loss of affordable homes and low- to moderate-income residents in the City of Decatur.

The DLT establishes permanently affordable homes and communities by holding title to land; thereby preserving the long-term affordability of homes, businesses, and other community uses. The land trust retains ownership of the land but may rent or sell homes or lease commercial buildings that sit on the land. The land remains in the land trust permanently, with a 99-year renewable ground lease to ensure the homes or businesses remain affordable. The land trust typically limits the price for which the homeowner can sell the home and retains a long-term option to repurchase the homes when homeowners later decide to move. Land trusts can assist in rental housing and purchase land for new housing development.

To fund its operations, the DLT receives public and private donations of land, homes, and funds, and utilizes government subsidies to purchase land and develop housing. The DLT encourages home ownership by stewarding new homeowners to minimize displacement and to help residents and families of all incomes, at all stages of life, prosper.

How Does a Land Trust Work?

DLT acquires or accepts home and land.

DLT sells home to new owner but keeps land in trust.

Home will remain permanently affordable through ground lease program with DLT.

Pending DLT Home Sales


Park 108 Condominiums (3)


Oak Cottage Court (6)

– – –

Legacy Park Cottages (TBD)

Decatur Home ReHAB Program

The Decatur Home ReHAB Project

Established as a committee of the Decatur Land Trust in 2021, Decatur’s Home Rehabilitation Program is designed to be an integral part of an effort to preserve affordable homes for low-income residents.

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