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Decatur Home ReHAB Program

The Decatur ReHAB program was conceived as a committee of the Decatur Land Trust in 2021, to preserve affordable homes for low-income residents. It is currently being developed.

Informed by the Community Development Assistance Program of the Atlanta Regional Commission and inspired by the success of the City of Decatur’s annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Service Project, the Decatur Home ReHAB program, currently being developed, seeks to retain Decatur’s legacy residents and preserve smaller, older homes by addressing deferred home maintenance that many current residents are not able to afford.

In past years, Decatur’s neighborhoods have seen a rise in median household income, a changing landscape due to demolitions, and increased pressure for residents of smaller, older homes to sell. By assisting with home maintenance and rehabilitation, Decatur hopes to alleviate pressures on these often long-term, older residents due to rising property values, gentrification, and market pressures.

Once active, the Decatur Home Rehabilitation Program will focus primarily on legacy residents on fixed incomes, as well as low-income homeowners. Repairs and rehabilitation will assist these homeowners in maintaining safe, accessible homes using public subsidy and grant funding, donations, and low interest loans to hire local skilled technicians to make needed repairs.

Frequently Asked

Eligible homeowners who live in the City of Decatur will be able to apply to the Decatur Home ReHAB program for assistance in completing home repairs and deferred home maintenance. Proof of income to ensure eligibility will be required.

If approved, the type of financing will be determined. Approval will be contingent upon the amount of funds available (at the time of submission for approval). Upon approval, a final agreement will be signed detailing work requested, funding details, and any repayment schedules.

Qualified contractor(s) will submit pricing for the repair(s). Upon approval, selected contractor(s) will apply for permitting as required by the City of Decatur, perform the repair as detailed in the final agreement and to meet construction standards as required by the City of Decatur, and submit to a final inspection.

Resident homeowners in the City of Decatur will be eligible based on age, income and other factors.

Once the program is active, you’ll be able to begin the application process by submitting a statement of interest form.

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